VWR – Plant Growth Chamber with controlled humidification 220V

Specifications :

  • Chamber size of 20 cu.ft.
  • Temperature control from -5°C to 55°C (+10°C to 55°C with lights on)
  • 24 hour timer/programming for lighting and temperature
  • This model features controlled humidification by spay nozzles from ambient dew point to 70% R.H., +5% R.H.
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VWR – Plant Growth Chamber with controlled humidification 220V

Product Description:
  • Durable enamel-finished steel chamber construction.
  • Keylock on door for sample security.
  • Day and night thermostats with selector switch for automatic operation.
  • Adjustable Hi-Lo thermostats provide temperature back-up to safeguard samples.
  • LED display for accurate temperature readings.
  • Four 20 watt adjustable fluorescent lamps plus two fixed 25 watt incandescent lamps for more than 1000 foot candles of illumination.
  • Includes five fixed shelves and six door shelves for additional capacity.
  • Designed to facilitate many botanical and agricultural research applications including seed germination studies, plant pathology, plant tissue culture studies and plant genetic research.

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