VWR – NESSLER TUBE 50-100ML D.24x375MM

Specifications :

  • Scale length : 275–295 mm
  • Tube dimensions : 24 x 375 mm
  • Graduation increments : 50 mL, 100 mL
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KIMAX® Nessler Color Comparison Tubes, Tall Form, APHA Standard, Kimble Chase

These narrow, tall tubes with a long scale length feature “Shadowless Bottoms” that transmit undistorted light from a source beneath tube. All graduation lines and legends are printed in white ceramic enamel.


  • Ideal for color comparison
  • Shadowless bottom of each tube transmits undistorted light
  • Rings and legend are durable white ceramic enamel


Available unmatched or in matched sets of 6 or 12


The 50–100mL tubes with cap stopper were designed from ASTM D1209. [ST] 24/12 taper cap style stoppers need not be removed when making readings. The word “Shadowless” is printed on the side of the stopper to distinguish between these stoppers and regular weighing bottle stoppers of the same size. Tubes come in a matched set of 12, with the exception of 16143-256, which is a matched set of 6.

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