VWR – Pocket Dosimeter & Charger Fluke Biomedical

Specifications :

Range : 0–200 mR to 600 R
Accuracy : ±10% of true exposure
Relative Humidity : \<=90%
Energy Response : ±10% for 160 keV to 2 MeV; +20%, –10% for 40 keV to 160 keV;

: +20%, –30% for 20 keV to 40 keV


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VWR – Pocket Dosimeter & Charger Fluke Biomedical

Hermetically-sealed, direct-reading pocket dosimeter is a rugged, precision instrument designed for measuring accumulated quantities of gamma and x-radiation from 20keV to 2MeV
Meets ANSI specifications N13.5 and N322.
Can be clipped to a pocket or to the outside of a lead apron. To read, simply look through the eyepiece while pointing the unit toward any external light source. Exposure is determined by the position of a hairline fiber against a graduated scale. The dosimeter charger is used to re-zero. Electrical leakage is less than 0.5% of full scale for 24 hours at 50°C (122°F). Dimensions: 1.6dia.x11.4Lcm (5/8x41/2“).

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