SANWA – STD5000M Calibrator

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  • High accuracy 0.03%(DCV DC mA)
    Reliable accuracy is achieved by using the standard voltage IC with a constant-temperature bath for the reference voltage and wire wound resistor and metal film resistor with high tolerance and low temperature coefficient for the resistance element.
  • Calibrates 6 types of functions
    With the calibration elements of 6 functions(DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, OHM, Hz) incorporated, it can be used for calibrating and maintaining the DMM, DPM (digital pwer meter), circuit tester and industrial instruments.
  • Installs 90 (6×15) output memories
    With 90 (6×15) output memories installed, it is possible to save desired setting.
  • User-friendly speedy operability
    Use of soft-touch push button switches for operation on the panel(except the power switch). Use of semiconductor switches with greater heat resistance and durability for change switches of the circuit, and latch-type relays requiring less electro motive force.
  • With overload protection device
    To enhance security, overload protection in case of low voltage and current generation is performed on the semiconductor circuit, and overload protection in case of medium and high voltage generation(50V or more) is achieved by releasing the output terminal and circuit.


Spec : SANWA – STD5000M Calibrator

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SANWA – STD5000M Calibrator

  • Voltage(DC·AC) : 0〜1000V(6 ranges)
  • Current(DC·AC) : 0〜2000mA(6 ranges)
  • Resistance1 : 0〜500kΩ(10Ω steps)
  • Resistance2 : 24 steps fixed resistance value(4 kinds 6 ranges)
  • Hz : 40Hz〜999kHz(5 ranges)

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