SANWA – LP10 Laser Power Meters/Environmental Meters

Specifications :

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SANWA – LP10 Laser Power Meters/Environmental Meters

Measurement range (CW laser): 0.01μW~40.39mW
Customization of wavelength to 400 ~ 1100 nm is available by factory default setting.

  • Pocket size.
  • Separate light sensor probe can be integrated with the main body for measurement.
  • 4039 full-scale count with a bar graph display.
  • Direct reading of the laser power of the reference wavelength of 633 nm, while the laser power of other wavelengths can be read by converting it according to the spectral sensitivity characteristic table.
  • Wide measuring range from 0.01 μW to 40.39 mW.
  • MIN/MAX hold functions.
  • The diffusion sheets are used in the sensor, it can suppress the “return light” that is generated when a laser light enters the sensor.
  • Auto power save function prevents wasting of battery power.

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