SANWA – LCR700 Handheld Digital LCR meter

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SANWA – LCR700 Handheld Digital LCR meter

LCR700 is a full-featured high-performance handy LCR meter which rivals the capabilities and options of many of its bench counterparts.

  • Automatically selectable L/C/R measurement and Selectable Series/Parallel mode
  • Ls/Lp/Cs/Cp measurement with sub parameters (D/Q/θ/ESR)
  • 5 different measuring frequencies (100/120/1k/10k/100kHz)
  • DC resistance function (7 ranges: 200.00Ω to 200.0MΩ)
  • 5-terminal measurement (4 terminals plus guard shielding)
  • Device Sorting mode to allow users to quickly sort passive devices such as L, C, and R

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