HACH – Distillation Apparatus Set

Specifications :

  • Quantity: Each 1
  • What’s included?: Includes: 400mL beaker, 300mL Erlenmeyer flask, Tubing, Cable ties, 500mL distillation flask, connectors and cap, J-Tube, condenser, drip tube, thermometer, and instruction manual.
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HACH – Distillation Apparatus Set (2265300)

Fast set-up for sample pretreatment. Distillation sets include only EPA approved glassware. Easy to set up because you only receive the parts you need. Illustrated, step-by-step procedures simplify distillation. Non-mercury thermometer included.
Heater and Support sold separately.

  • Use in EPA distillations
  • Complete glassware sets available
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Versatile

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