HACH – Desiccator, Vacuum

  • Round polycarbonate cover and polypropylene base create implosion-proof chamber at full vacuum. Chamber is impervious to alkali and acidic conditions. Recessed rim prevents grease (not included) from contacting bench surfaces when removed and eliminates need for a separate gasket. This vacuum model features leak-proof stopcock. Dimensions (height x diam): 245 mm x 330 mm (9.7″ x 13″). Holds 454 g (1 lb) of dessicant. Ceramic dessicator plate (sold separately) is inert, non-stick, and corrosion resistant. Quadrants crafted into plate for easy tracking of material locations. Plate diameter: 230 mm (9″).
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HACH – Desiccator, Vacuum (2088800)

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